Jonathan WorthingtonHi! I’m Jonathan Worthington, and I’m part of the Raku development team. I serve as architect for MoarVM (the leading runtime for Raku) and the Rakudo compiler. I’m also heavily involved in the design and implementation of Raku’s concurrency features. This blog is where I’ll share the ponderings, war stories, pain points, insights and triumphs I encounter in my work.

My primary interests in Raku implementation are:

  • Concurrent, parallel, and async language features (I’m the designer of the supply/react/whenever syntax, and also actively working on non-blocking await and the hyper/race parallelization features)
  • Dynamic optimization in MoarVM (detecting hot code and performing optimizations, type specialization, inlining and JIT compilation; also deoptimization so as to enable speculative optimization)
  • The object meta-model and meta-programming

I hope this blog will be of interest to those who are also working on Raku, those who use Raku and want to learn about its internals, and to those not especially interested in Raku, but with a general interest in compiler and runtime implementation.

I can be found working at Edument, have a personal site, and occasionally tweet.