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This week: concurrency stuff, multi-dimensional stuff, stuff stuff…

Finally, I got a week of peaceful hacking time at home and not-too-bad health, and so Stuff Got Done. Here’s what. Progress on multi-dimensional arrays Last time, I’d gotten decent support into MoarVM for multi-dimensional arrays (including packing natively typed … Continue reading


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This week: less than hoped, but still good stuff

This week actually means “the week starting 6th July”, which is around the time much of Europe was being unreasonably hot. I spent the week in lovely Kyiv with my wife – where the weather was, predictably, also hot. I’d hoped … Continue reading

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This week: digging into multi-dimensional arrays – and plenty more

This report covers what I got up to during the closing days of June and the opening days of July. Multi-dimensional array support in MoarVM I’ve been pondering how to approach the multi-dimensional array aspects of the S09 Perl 6 … Continue reading

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Grant status update

Over the last 3 months, I’ve been working on my Perl 6 Development Fund grant. Those of you following the blog will have seen plenty of posts in that time about what I’ve been up to. This post, 3 months … Continue reading

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