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NQP changes getting there; Rakudo next!

This week wasn’t quite as productive in terms of getting code written as the last few, though what did happen is noteworthy: native attribute support came along far enough that it is now used by Cursor to store its $!from … Continue reading

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Well that was hard work: getting nqp-rx grammars using 6model

Another Sunday, another “what happened this week” post. The big meaty task this week was to get grammars switched over to using 6model. This – as I had feared – proved rather trickier than doing the same thing for classes. … Continue reading

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NQP and 6model: big steps forward on Parrot and JVM

Despite spending a chunk of the last week fighting off a pesky throat infection, it’s been pretty productive. Here’s a quick update on where things have got to. Mostly, I’ve been working on getting nqp-rx (the Parrot implementation of the … Continue reading


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Back and hackin’

Some time in November, I got a little ill, and in the weeks that followed never quite recovered my usually energy levels. Work was busy, and after dealing with that each day, I had very little energy for anything else … Continue reading

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