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This week: the big NFG switch on, and many fixes

During my Perl 6 grant time during the last week, I have continued with the work on Normal Form Grapheme, along with fixing a range of RT tickets. Rakudo on MoarVM uses NFG now Since the 24th April, all strings you … Continue reading

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This week: digging into NFG, fixing “use fatal”, and more

It’s time for this week’s grant report! What have I been up to? NFG Last time, I talked about normalization forms in Unicode, and how Rakudo on MoarVM now lets you move between them and examine them, using the Uni … Continue reading

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This week: Unicode normalization, many RTs

After some months where every tuit was sacred, and so got spent on implementing Perl 6 rather than writing about implementing Perl 6, I’m happy to report that for the rest of 2015 I’ll now have time to do both again. … Continue reading

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