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Not guts, but 6: part 5

It’s time for me to start building a simple Stomp::Server class, test-driven. I’ll need to extend my Test::IO::Socket::Async to make this possible, as it currently doesn’t handle listening sockets. The simplest start I’ll start out by stubbing an almost empty … Continue reading


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Not guts, but 6: part 4

I’ve managed to marry myself into getting two Christmases a year. The Orthodox one takes place on the 7th of January, so I’ve been celebrating that. And now the trek back home is underway, stopping off to enjoy the snow … Continue reading

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Not guts, but 6: part 3

To me, one of the most important things about the asynchronous programming support in Perl 6 is the uniform interfaces the language provides. Promises represent asynchronous operations that will produce a single result, while supplies represent asynchronous operations that may … Continue reading

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Not guts, but 6: part 2

It’s time for more hacking on my Perl 6 STOMP module. Today: parsing. Pulling out the parser Given my plans for adding a Stomp::Server to go with my Stomp::Client, I need to factor my STOMP message parser out so it … Continue reading

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Not guts, but 6: part 1

After the Christmas release of Perl 6, I spent the better part of a week in bed, exhausted and somewhat sick. I’m on the mend, but I’m going to be taking it easy for the coming weeks. I suspect it’ll … Continue reading

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