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Redesigning Rakudo’s Scalar

What’s the most common type your Perl 6 code uses? I’ll bet you that in most programs you write, it’ll be Scalar. That might come as a surprise, because you pretty much never write Scalar in your code. But in: my $a = … Continue reading

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Dynamic lookups and context introspection with inlining

Inlining is one of the most important optimizations that MoarVM performs. Inlining lets us replace a call to some Block, Sub, or Method with the code that is inside of it. The most immediate benefit is to eliminate the overhead of calling, but that’s … Continue reading


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More precise deoptimization usage tracking

In my previous post here, I talked about deoptimization and its implications for usage information. If you didn’t read that post, I suggest reading it before continuing, since the work described in this post builds upon it. Further background on deoptimization and … Continue reading

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Better usage information in the MoarVM specializer

I’ve been doing lots of work on the MoarVM specializer of late, and will be writing a few posts here to explain it. This work has been covered by my grant from The Perl Foundation. This post covers the recent addition … Continue reading

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