Interesting Papers

This page contains links to slides, books and papers that I’ve found interesting to read while working on Perl 6 related things.


  • Uniform and safe metaclass composition – using roles to deal with meta-class compatibility issues. Note that Rakudo’s metaobjects are factored using roles.
  • Avoiding Confusion in Meta-Circularity: The Meta-Helix – essentially proposes a delegatory model. Not something that’s possible for the Perl 6 meta-programmer just out of the box, but maybe a suggested “recipe”. Worth reading the paper for the overall discussion of meta-circularity.
  • The Art of the Metaobject Protocol – must-read book for those new to the idea of metaobjects. Examples are in Common Lisp, but still very readable even if you’re not much of a Lisp hacker, and contains a wealth of information. Section on bootstrapping is a bit of a handwave, though…


Garbage Collection


Runtime/VM Design