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Multi-dispatch lands in 6model on .Net

A couple of weekends ago, I wrote a post on the difficulties I was having with the multiple dispatch specification as it stood then. Early this week, while I was visiting some good friends in the UK, TimToady++ made a … Continue reading

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A roadmap for 6model and nqp-rx changes

So, I had a lovely vacation in Central Europe… …and now it’s back to the hacking! :-) While the eventual goal of my current grant is, obviously, to deliver significant improvements to Rakudo, there are quite a lot of preliminaries … Continue reading


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Rakudo’s meta-model: The Road Ahead

A little while ago, I submitted a Hague Grant application to do a significant meta-model overhaul for Rakudo. I’m hopeful it’ll be approved soon, but lack of approval so far has, of course, not stopped me spending time considering the … Continue reading

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