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Rakudo on JVM progress update, and some questions answered

It’s time for another progress update on the ongoing JVM work. Last time I posted here, we’d reached the point of having a self-hosting NQP ready to merge into the master branch of the NQP repository. That has now happened, … Continue reading

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NQP on JVM bootstrapped, soon will land in NQP master

The work to get NQP running and bootstrapped on the JVM has reached an interesting milestone, and I thought I’d take a few moments from working on it to talk about what has taken place since my last post here, … Continue reading

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NQP on JVM gets Grammars, Multiple Dispatch

Having just reached an interesting milestone, I thought I’d blog a quick progress update on my work to port NQP to the JVM, in preparation for also doing a port of Rakudo Perl 6. The big news is that the … Continue reading

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A look at the preparations behind the JVM port, and a progress update

After my last post giving a status update on the JVM porting of NQP and the compiler toolchain Rakudo builds upon, hercynium++ left a comment suggesting that I also blog about the design work behind this effort. I liked the … Continue reading

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A quick JVM backend update

Things have been moving along quite rapidly on the JVM backend since my last post. Sadly, I’m too sick to hack on anything much this evening (hopefully, this turns out to be a very temporary affliction…) but I can at … Continue reading

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A Bunch of Rakudo News

Seems it’s high time for some news here. It’s not that I didn’t do any blogging about Perl 6 in December; it’s just that all of those posts were over on the Perl 6 advent calendar. Anyway, now it’s a … Continue reading

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Lots of improvements coming in the Rakudo November release

The November release is still a couple of weeks off, but it’s already looking like one of the most exciting ones in a while. Here’s a rundown of the major improvements you can expect. User Defined Operator Improvements The way … Continue reading

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