Jonathan WorthingtonHi! I’m Jonathan Worthington, one of the folks working away to make Perl 6 not just an exciting language design, but also something you can use in your day-to-day development. It turns out that Perl 6 is a highly challenging, but also fascinating language to implement. This blog is where I’ll share the ponderings, war stories, pain points, insights and triumphs I have along the way.

My primary interests in Perl 6 implementation are:

  • The type system, which is essentially gradual typing
  • The object meta-model
  • Multiple dispatch
  • Signatures and binding
  • Runtime environment design
  • Perl 6 on existing runtimes

I hope this blog will be of interest to those who are also working on Perl 6 or who are waiting to use Perl 6 in their development, but also to those not especially interested in Perl 6, but with a general interest in compiler and runtime implementation.

These days I’m working at Edument, where I do a bunch of .Net hacking, amongst many other things. I also have a travel site and a personal site.