YAPC::EU 2013 Slides

I’m just back from this year’s YAPC Europe in Kiev. I’ve liked Kiev since the first time I visited many years ago, and after around two years since the last visit, I was glad of an excuse to return. It was the same beautiful, rather hilly city I remembered, though decidedly warmer than I remember it – probably because this is the first visit I made there in summer. In the company of the many good Perl folks attending YAPC, I enjoyed plenty of nice food, and even caught some good Belgian beers thanks to the wonderful Belgian Beer Cafe.

This year I submitted three talks, expecting one or two would be accepted. Instead, all three were! So, I talked about:

  • Rakudo on JVM – this session explained the motivation for adding a JVM backend, the compiler architecture that enabled it, how it was implemented, the current status, the support so far for Java interoperability and the plan from here. Seems to have been well received.
  • Concurrency, Parallelism and Asynchrony – this session showed the work I have been doing to build basic support for parallel, asynchronous and concurrent programming in Perl 6. This was the best attended and also, I believe, the most discussed of my talks this year. There is still much work to do in this area, but what’s done so far caught some interest. Once I’m recovered from YAPC, I’ll dig back into it.
  • MoarVM – this session talked about the motivation for building a new VM, its overall design, the current status and what’s in store. It’s also the first talk I ever gave on MoarVM. The most lightly attended and most hastily prepared, but still it seemed to be appreciated by those who attended.

Enjoy the slides, and hopefully the videos will make it online soon too.

I also agreed to attend this years Austrian Perl Workshop, where the hills will be alive with the sound of Perl 6 in the lovely Salzburg, sometime in November. :-)

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