Slides from my Optimizing Rakudo Perl 6 talk

Over the weekend, I visited to Bratislava for a few days, the beautiful city I once called home. It felt oddly familiar, and I found myself noticing all kinds of little changes here and there – where one shop had given way to another, or a statue had appeared or changed. Happily, my favorite eating and watering holes were still there, and my sadly somewhat rusted Slovak language skills were still up to decoding menus and ordering tasty beer, and I did plenty of both. :-)

I was there was to attend the Twin City Perl Workshop. I repeated my Perl 6 grammars talk, and gave a new one about optimizing Rakudo. This included both the optimization work myself and others have been doing, but also some details about the optimizer. I also made a couple of nice diagrams of Rakudo’s overall architecture and what it does with a program.

You can get the slides here, or if you’re heading to the London Perl Workshop this coming Saturday, I’ll be delivering it there too. Enjoy! :-)

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