My YAPC::EU talks

I had a wonderful time at YAPC::EU in Riga this year. Riga is a very beautiful city – there’s many nice things to look at, not to mention the excellent food and a wide range of beer at sensible prices. Once place I went had over 30 types of beer on tap! That’s the city, but then there was the YAPC itself: smooth running, well organized, nice venue, all breaks and lunches on site, and a great conference dinner. I’ve had the fortune to be at many events where Andrew Shitov has led the organization (I just checked and I think this must have been the 9th one!), and I knew he could do something excellent for YAPC::EU. He did, and was a very deserving recipient of a White Camel award this year. So, congrats to Andrew, and many thanks for the steady stream of excuses to travel to East Europe and talk about Perl. :-)

I gave a couple of talks.

So, another year, another great YAPC. And now, it’s back to work on Rakudo!

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