:st(1) Post

So, welcome. This is where I’ll be writing about my Perl 6 hacking now, instead of on my use.perl.org journal. I very much enjoyed using WordPress when we did the Perl 6 advent calendar, and figure that if I have something I like using, then I’m likely to enjoy blogging more and thus do more of it. So, I made the leap.

Having the blog here also gives me a few more possibilities. I’ll probably add some various other pages here at some point soon (e.g. listing interesting papers I read in the course of doing Perl 6 implementation work). Ooh, and I can even post exciting images. Like this one of my desk.

Well, it’s not like that every day. :-) Anyways, with this meta-post over, I’ll try and have something actually interesting up here in a little while.

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11 Responses to :st(1) Post

  1. Carl Mäsak says:

    Are the beers related to the regex in any way? :)

  2. You have to consume that many beers to think writing a regex like that is a good idea.

  3. snarkyboojum says:

    w00t, love the new blog (esp the interesting papers section). Will read with gusto :)

  4. If you could switch your feed to full-text rather than abridged, that’d be very much appreciated.

  5. Aristotle: I’d love to, but some initial twiddling with the settings seems to do…nothing. :/ I’ll have a further look later on.

  6. dolmen says:

    What about the blogs.perl.org platform? Have you tried it before WordPress? I’m curious as I plan to open my own Perl blog.

    • I’ve used MT before, which blogs.perl.org uses, and just happen to prefer WordPress. The ability to have pages appealed to me for what I wanted to do with this blog too.

      It’s not that there’s anything really wrong with blogs.perl.org – in fact, there’s a lot right with it, including it’s nice looks and that it brings a lot of Perl community blogs together. It mostly just came down to personal preference. :-)

  7. spinclad says:

    so… no Februaries in the sixties?

    i suppose it’s true: i don’t recall anything that happened for certain in a sixties February. on the other hand, i don’t recall the Februaries not happening…

    • I can’t believe you’ve actually gone and worked out what it does! :-) Nice bug find, too. I tend to use this as an example of a problem that should not be solved with regexes – it goes without saying that I don’t have this regex in production anywhere. ;-)

      In other news, I suspect you of having too much time on your hands. :-P


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